Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Policy

  1. About collecting your personal data
    1. PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) is committed to protecting your privacy. This personal information Privacy Statement explains the measures we take to ensure that your personal identifiable information ("Personal Data") is secure and confidential.
    2. When you choose to use the recruitment and careers services on the PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) e-Recruiter (SaaS), it is important that we inform you that we will require and therefore collect your personal data.
    3. Organisations that are licenced to use The Talent Market System will only have access to your personal data when you give them expressed permission by agreeing to and accepting the terms and conditions when logging onto the system.
    4. Through your “CV visibility” status functionality, you can choose the companies to whom you would like to make your CV visible.
    5. Your personal data will be used exclusively for recruitment, selection and career development purposes when you apply for a job and “opt in” to place your CV in a company’s job talent pool.
    6. You can amend and update your personal data at any time.
    7. Should you have any questions or concerns relating to the processing of your personal data, you will have electronic access to contact us or the client company who you may be processing your data.
    8. Over time, you will notice a growing list of organisations appearing on our home page, each of these organisations will have fully subscribed to the PoPI act.
  2. What Personal Data will be collected
    1. Please be aware that countries may have different requirements, therefore the way they collect your data may be different. Notwithstanding these differences, you can reasonably expect that the following data points will be collected and required by PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) and client organisations licenced to use our system.
      1. Information you submit as part of your CV:
        1. Personal details
        2. Job employment history
        3. Disability
        4. Race
        5. Nationality
        6. Gender
      2. Cover Letters
      3. Certified documentation
      4. Panel interview data
      5. Referee recommendation data
      6. Criminal records
      7. Etc. still to be completed
    2. Some of the above-mentioned information is obligatory for government reporting purposes. Please be fully aware that when you submit this personal information it constitutes your expressed permission allowing us to use this data only for the above-mentioned purposes. It also implies that this information supplied by you is true and accurate. Providing any incorrect information may make you ineligible for employment. Therefore, please think carefully when signing the honesty declaration before creating or updating your CV.
    3. Further, by submitting your personal data you acknowledge that you have read and understood the abovementioned agreement and the purposes for which your personal data will be used. Whenever you choose, you may study this information by simply logging on with your user name and password.
  3. How will your personal data be used?
    1. To assess your suitability for the job you are applying for.
    2. To assess your suitability for job roles that may become available in the future.
    3. When you register on our database you may be invited to become part of the Talent Pools and Talent communities of our licenced client companies. In turn, they may send you regular notifications to your personal careers dashboard:
      1. About job vacancies of interest to you.
      2. Intermittent reminders to update your CV.
      3. They may also transfer your information to their subsidiary companies outside of your country of origin, especially if you have indicated that you are willing to relocate.
      4. However, should you at the time not be interested in a specific client company or its subsidiary, then you may exercise your right to “Opt out”.
    4. Search for you in their Talent pools, enabling the Licenced Client Company to create Talent forecasting analytics and plans to meet their talent Demand.
    5. PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) will use your information to send you notifications to your personal career dashboard that will advance your career development.
    6. We or our Licenced client company may be required to conduct legally-required reporting, e.g. statistics for the Department of Labour (DoL) and so may be obliged to respond to these legal requirements and processes.
  4. Sources used to access your personal data
    Sources will be:
    1. When you create, complete and submit your Curriculum Vitae.
    2. With our licensed client company recruitment managers, consultants, or HR personnel. This information may only be recorded with your express knowledge and consent.
    3. Via conversations licenced companies may have with recruiters and interviews.
    4. Online searches performed by licenced client companies to our System.
    5. Our Licenced client companies will gather data
      1. From background checks, only where required
      2. Licenced client companies may contract with a third party to perform a pre-employment background screening.
        1. The content of background check information may include:
          1. Information gleaned from publicly available sources
          2. Educational Institutions you may have attended
          3. Referees
          4. Credit reporting agencies

    It is important to state that this information gathering process, its nature and purpose will firstly be discussed with you to receive your full and expressed consent. In some instances, you may be required to divulge certain background check information as may be required by local law to our licensed client company.

  5. Access and storage of your personal data
    1. All such subsidiaries and organisations located outside your country of origin are required to handle Personal Data in generally the same way we do. We will do everything reasonably possible to ensure your Personal Data is kept secure from unauthorised access or disclosure.
    2. All PCG-Talent Market employees as well as those employees of our licenced client companies will be obliged to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that your personal information is used exclusively for recruitment, selection and the development and advancement of your career.
    3. Our role based access control system with secure protocols will ensure that your personal data will be restricted to assigned PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) staff.
    4. Similarly, all our licenced client company employees will also be regulated and restricted as to what Personal Information of yours they may see.
    5. Essentially, in every instance, the individuals who will be granted access to your data will require it to evaluate your application for employment and perform functions to support their Recruitment, Selection, and Talent Development process.
    6. Your Personal Information will be securely stored on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform located in Northern Europe.
    7. When your personal data is transferred to a country other than the one in which you reside, be advised that such countries may not have the same legal protection for personal data as your home country. The European Union’s data protection authorities have confirmed that Azure Enterprise Cloud Services meets the standards of EU privacy laws. In addition, PCG- Talent Market (Pty Ltd) can confirm that the Cloud data centre host nation (Ireland) has superior internal global privacy policies.
  6. Disclosure of your Personal Data
    1. Your Personal Data will only be made available to designated PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) employees and to its Licenced client companies.
    2. Certain groups of PCG employees will have access to your personal data:
      1. PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) Administrative Team.
      2. PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) software programming team.
      3. PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) IT support functions.
    3. This may also include our hosting partners Microsoft Azure and their authorised staff.
    4. Recruitment Managers, Human Resources staff, line managers, subject matter experts and interview panel members of our Licenced client companies. These groups or individuals may be based in the country where the vacancy arise from and there may be instances where these individuals are in other countries.
    5. Assessment Centre Industrial psychologists and psychometrists who may assist in your recruitment and selection psychometric evaluation processes.
    6. If you provide PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) with information about third parties, we will assume that the third party in question has given you expressed permission to do so, e.g. Referees.
      1. You will not be privileged to Information we receive from the referees you have given us expressed permission to contact, as this information is regarded as confidential.
    7. Companies contracted to perform background checks where applicable. There may be times that these companies are not based in the country where you are currently residing. These companies may obtain data from other countries where you have lived, worked, or studied, as may be relevant to the purpose of the background check.
    8. Regarding Criminal and Credit checks, we will always seek your expressed permission to perform these checks and we will always be obliged to justify to you why this information is required and for what purpose/relevancy in the recruitment process it will be considered. You are privileged to this information and it must/ will be provided to you at your request.
    9. Government agencies, advisers, and other third parties where legal reporting is required to comply with applicable laws.
    10. Law enforcement agencies or private litigants responding to a lawful enforcement process. In addition, your Personal Data will also be made available to client companies who have subsidiaries (provided these client companies and their subsidiaries are licenced to use the PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) system.
    11. We may transfer your Personal Data (including by transmitting it electronically) to other parts of the PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) Group or other licensed PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) client company users located in countries that do not have data protection legislation equivalent to that in your country.
    12. If your personal information is provided to any third party, they will be requested to delete the information at the end of the recruitment, selection and employment process in keeping with the law.
    13. While PCG-Talent Market system is a paperless process, our licenced client companies may use paper to process your information. They will be encouraged to destroy this information after it has served its reasonable usefulness.
  7. Personal Data Retention
    1. If you accept an offer of employment by one of PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) licensed client companies it will become part of that company’s personnel records, to be retained throughout and for a period after your employment with these companies (specific length of retention periods, differ per country).
    2. If you are not employed into a position within the PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) Group of client companies, your Personal Data will be kept for a period of maximum 1 year (or less if required by applicable laws) from the date of receipt of your CV, after which time it will be removed. You may also automatically remove it at any time by pressing the “opt out” option.
  8. Personal Data Protection
    1. We will use two-way authentication.
    2. You will log in using secure protocols.
    3. Client licenced companies will use our secure security protocols.

    If you hold a concern, have an issue, complaint, and question, or would like to make a comment. Should you wish to have access to our Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Contact Us by clicking the link, PCG-Talent Market (Pty Ltd) PoPI Act Policy.

    In keeping with the PoPI act, Marian Peterson is nominated as the PoPI Officer and will make every reasonable effort to ensure compliance. E.g.

    • The development and upkeep of this policy
    • Ensuring this policy is supported by appropriate documentation
    • Ensuring that documentation is relevant and regularly updated
    • Ensuring this policy and subsequent updates are communicated to relevant stakeholders where appropriate.

  9. If you have any questions or queries, address these to:
    POPI Officer
    Marian Peterson